Monday, 25 October 2010

BioShock for the Stressed

Well its been a while since I have updated my life in blog form or indeed in any form at all.  Life has taken a strange turn of events things are going up and down like Zebedee in a whore house.. First my antiquated car (Romana as she is fondly known or Fred when I am in a bad mood) passed her MOT first time and only cost me 50 quid instead of the usual 450.  But I feel she is long past the need for a regeneration.. Things were looking up what could possibly go wrong?? Eviction notice on my flat and I am to be moved out by 30th Nov.  Ok things not looking so good but wait... positive, negative so I needed another positive which I got in the form of a promotion at work which leads to further money... Hurra I think, change is always good even if it does mean stressing trying to find a new flat which currently seems impossible as there are around 20 people interested in 1 flat ratio.  It's a case of website checking on a 30 minute basis.
I found a good way to combat stress is to sign into Xbox live and play Bioshock multiplayer and either blow the brains out of the opposition or indeed wallop them to death with an assortment of goodies such as a frying pan, rolling pin or mallet.  The more I play the more I have noticed that each person which is taken down starts to get their own names from someone in my life, and nope it is nobody that reads this.  It is very good for relieving the tension unlike the other scientifically proven way of tension relief including a hand.. Ahem.. moving on.... The whole stress thing seems to have completely overwritten my original.. Oh look Men!! look on life to more of a pftt really can't be bothered... Don't get me wrong there is the occasional 'Phwoor' but instead of every 5 minutes as it used to be in the old days it has now dwindled to maybe once every 2 weeks (except for last weekend when a visiting friend from Estonia seemed to put me back on the not so straight and narrow of perving after men).
As I am typing this I feel the need to vent once more so shall sign in clobber a few people online and then retire to a place of tranquil repose.