Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pesky brain, pesky complex, pesky meddling kids

Well forget the meddling kids but I have a severe problem trying to switch off recently. My brain just keeps going round in circles with random crap to be honest. Paranoia sets in, do they like me? What have I done? Would I really be missed? What's happening now? Why aren't they talking to me? Etc etc
For some reason my whole security side of life seems to be flushing down the pan to coin a phrase. Maybe its the 9 years of singledom catching up on me. Maybe I have delusions of grandure or maybe I'm just a total fruit cake!! Personally I prefer the later as you can get away with more. My whole attitude has been going up and down like 'a whores drawers' and I am really REALLY looking forward to my holiday in September.
If you read this and it doesn't make sense, I've never blogged on an IPhone before. If you read this and think I'm on a downer, I'm not I'm trying to clear my head. And if you read this at all.. Thank you!!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

But I want one!

So, here's me, sitting in the office on the own with no one around.  Everyone has disappeared to a Skip Level meeting with a director and, as I report elsewhere I am left here for an hour.  Oh the trouble I could cause in an hour :)
I feel that I need a new toy in my life, which is terrible and somewhat envious of friends around me.  Toys I certainly don't need but, when friends around you have Imacs, Ipads and Tablets my inner child shouts, 'I want one'.  It is becoming a lot harder for older Iain to step in and say 'No... You don't!' I feel like it is a time in my life to start getting rid of my 'junk' and no any American readers, I do mean something else!  I mean for gawd sake I have only just got rid of my Nintendo 64.   Saying that my poor Xbox 360 seems to be careering towards the red ring of death and has started to freeze whilst trying to decapitate a zombie playing card.  You gotta love a tormented, demented Alice in Wonderland game.

Saying about getting rid of all my unused/wanted stuff I've found out that IKEA have a 75% sale off.  Oh how terribly annoying that it is only on till this weekend. To think how much kitchen gadgets I could buy.  I do like my gadgets.

Still save the money till at least September when I go to visit the lovely Greg in Estonia with Mand.... Who knows what I can buy at duty free ;-)

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

The diet and EA Fitness has to start now

I can't hold it off for any longer. Due to injuring my knee it has been 4 weeks since I have been able to do any exercise that requires standing up or kneeling (not that kind of exercise, you naughty person).  I tried to use the Kinect fitness and got told off as I couldn't keep up with her squats.  Of course I can't you silly bitch i can't bend my leg.  But after viewing this delightful piece of manstuff on my Facebook (no i don't know him but I wish I did) I am restarting the diet and exercise post haste.

So, back onto Fitness Pal to track all foodstuffs and EA Connect Sports for the exercise.  One step at a time.  After my hospital appointment on Thursday I shall hopefully be able to start walking back into and home from work.