Monday, 28 February 2011

Something your parents would say!

I've been thinking, and yes that is the first mistake, about literal things and what some parents says to children.  No wonder children get confused!  And don't get me wrong I love my parents to bits.  I mean I only said to my mother this morning I had a hectic weekend.  Then went on to explain I spent 3 hours in a eating establishment yesterday.  (How was that hectic? So yes I am not perfect either ;) )
  • "If you fall off that wall and break your leg, don't come running to me!!" How exactly??
  • "Stop that crying or I'll give you something to cry about!!" But surely they are crying for a reason?
  • "Stop pulling that face or it will stick like that if the wind changes!!" That would be fun to see.
  • "You'll be sorry when you're dead!!" Are you sure??
  • "Because I said so!!" But why??
  • "When you're older!!" Sort of the same as The Doctor's 'I'll explain later'.  In other words, I can't be bothered right now.
  • "When I was your age... " What you had colour TV and Internet at my age?
  • "You're only amusing yourself!" Well yes thank you.  That's why I'm doing it
  • "Well, don't listen to me.. I'm just your mother!"  OK this one actually hurt
  • "Stop that, or I'll turn this car around right now"  But you are doing 70mph!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • "'ve got another thing coming"  Erm whoppee.. More things?
There are literally hundred more, but I can't think of anymore.  If you can remember some feel free to add!

Speaking of literally. I was going to post a video on here for smiley purposes.  The Literal version of Total Eclipse of the heart which, I know a lot of you have seen, but alas, Sony has taken it down from YouTube.  It seems after the video's stint on CNN, Sony got wind (aww poor Sony with Wind) and bye bye video.  Which is a shame as it made me smile a lot :(

So instead you will get these.  Both have been going round and round in my head so I need to get them out.. Sorry.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Random things within 5 mins

I thought that today I would just take pictures of things that were around my flat today.  I think the Chinese celebrations across the road with the Chinese Dragon inspired me so here you are.  Pictures of things 5 mins from my flat