Thursday, 31 March 2011

General Me-ness

So world, it's been a while but I thought it was about time that I updated this.

I think I will try the bullet point format today, mainly because I have been bullet pointing things all day so, why stop now.

  • Sunday's are junk food day.  This has been working very well, apart from today when a cup cake and mushroom risotto with chestnuts passed my lips.  I generally don't have junk food now unless it is a Sunday.  I may have slipped a couple of times when been offered a Jammie dodger, or some Revels but I tend to stick to the rule and re-arrange 'bad day's as required.  This combined with the running and delightful EA Sports on the Xbox kinect, and free weights has helped me lose some weight.  I have managed to drop a couple of dress sizes and I can now comfortably fit into size 34 jeans.  Still a bit lose on me so I think next step is the firming up and building of the upper body.  By my calculations hopefully something will become noticeable by July.. If not I am suing someone!!
  • Cutting down of the Caffeine. This is gonna be the hard one for me.  I lurve my coffee.  I probably drink way to much (in the region of about 6 cups a day) OK not probably definitely.  I am going to try and substitute maybe 4 of these cups to about 2 ltrs of water instead.  I wonder if you can get Caffeinated patches?
  • New toy arrival in the Steel household. As of 3 pm this afternoon I got myself a new toy.  It vibrates, is slim fitting and I love playing with it.

I has got myself an Iphone4.  My old iPhone 3G has slightly given up the ghost, won't synch, crashes and generally smells of poo so the people at lovely Orange said I can have something shiny and pretty to play with as been with them for a while.  A new IPhone for £25 is not bad in my eyes.  So tonight is sorted with activating, syncing and other such delights.  For those of you who had my old number you will get my new one shortly :-)   Hurra for toys.
  • Contemplating ones navel.  I have been doing that a lot lately.  Tuesday I decided to go for a walk at 11pm at night as you do.  It wasn't cold, just a heavy mist. Decided to walk 1 mile in the opposite direction from the way I normally go and 2 miles later ended up a the lagoon.  It was very nice, there I sat, staring out at the sea, thinking about things.  Ipod on low setting so I could still hear the sea over the soundtrack to Glee.  (I'm a Gleek and I don't care!!!).  I thought about direction of life, have beens, going tos, what would have happened if i had turned right instead of left.  That kinda thing.  It was very tranquil, and relaxing and I was half expecting to be moved on by the police for loitering.  Anyway 3 hours later I decided to walk the 2 miles back home feeling a bit more chilled and relaxed than when I had gone out.
  • Travel for 2011.  I need to start travelling more.  I want to see more of the world so to speak so planned for sometime in 2011 is The States, Estonia, Scotland and if I'm lucky Blackpool.  I originally planned to go to Barcelona but that has since fallen through.

So tonight, I am planning to have a long hot bath, play with my new toy and possibly watch a bit of TV.  Now is a good time to relax as for the next 4 weekends I am fully booked with milestone birthdays and visitations. Speaking of visitations... Who wants to do a Ghost Hunt with me :-)

Signing off now, but same time, same Bat Channel (you gotta love 60's Batman.  It is very erm, not how I remember it.  I am sure I used to love it

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