Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Well since I missed the last challenge (well it was more the fact of pure laziness and self denial on my part) I have decided to accept the current challenge as 'set' by Stevie B for short.

Apparently there are sixty-four challenges and, instead of typing them all out I am going to link in again to Steve's Blog (thanks Steve :-) )

So here goes. 

Challenge number 1: - Introduce yourself with a recent picture and 15 interesting facts:

Excuse the double chins

1.  When I was seven years old I was at a country fair.  Playing by the side of a river there were boys throwing stones into the water.  Unfortunately, due to one bad aim a stone hit me right above my left eye.  Covered in blood and eyesight failing I clambered up the riverbank only to be swept up by a woman in white and carried to the first aid tent.  That woman was Diana Rigg of The Avengers fame.  I can honestly say a real life Avenger saved my life :-)

2.  I have been knocked out by a Cricket bat.  Funnily enough with out me playing that game they went on to win the final.

3.  I have been stuck in a lift with Julia Roberts in a Las Vegas hotel.

4.  Whilst living in Scotland I used to go for long walks with my parents in the forests and Glens.  We used to play who could through the stick the furthest (things you do when you are young).  One particular time, I went to pick up my stick and it moved and hissed.  An adder was doing a bit of sunbathing which gave me a phobia of snakes.  Lets just say I was not looking forward to going to India 5 years ago in case I saw a Cobra. Shivering just thinking about them.

5. I have sung on stage with Hinge and Bracket.  Yes I know, who?... Google them ;-)

6. I produced and directed my own Stage show.  Granted it was at school but managed to raised £2000 for charity which was a lot of money 23 years ago.

7. I have got drunk with David Soul (Hutch from Starksy and Hutch),

8. I have had a romantic encounter with a member of the Neighbours cast. Well they were a member of the cast about 10 years ago.

9. When at Gatwick Airport returning from Scotland. I managed to pick up my bag from Luggage Collection, throw it over my shoulder and wind poor Dame Judi Dench who was standing behind me.

10. I have been arrested at London Victoria for punching a guy.  Well he was trying to steal my Christmas Shopping.  Police never saw that bit only the guy sprawled out on the floor with a broken nose as I stood over him.  Luckily I had a lot of witnesses and ended up with only a caution and a round of applause.  They had been after that particular man for ages apparently!  I am not really a violent person at all but no one tries to steal a Harrods bag from me.

11. I have been a minder for certain Daleks and Cybermen around different conventions.  It did accidently get me in the green room at one particular event.

12. I don't like tomatoes but love tomato soup.

13. I used to be engaged.. to a girl no less.

14. I have a degree in Hotel management.  That's why I am in training. <<confused>>

15. I am obsessed with Charmed, Bewitched, Doctor Who, Dante's Cove (its a gay Charmed you know. you either love it or hate it)

So that's me in 15 statements, some of which I really shouldn't have shared but I didn't want to say things like 'My favorite colour is Purple'... Damn does that make 16?

Adios Amigos till the next update........Meaning behind your blog name !!

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  1. Well I'm both pleased and ashamed to say I just learnt some new things about you. Cute pic BTW.


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