Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Pesky brain, pesky complex, pesky meddling kids

Well forget the meddling kids but I have a severe problem trying to switch off recently. My brain just keeps going round in circles with random crap to be honest. Paranoia sets in, do they like me? What have I done? Would I really be missed? What's happening now? Why aren't they talking to me? Etc etc
For some reason my whole security side of life seems to be flushing down the pan to coin a phrase. Maybe its the 9 years of singledom catching up on me. Maybe I have delusions of grandure or maybe I'm just a total fruit cake!! Personally I prefer the later as you can get away with more. My whole attitude has been going up and down like 'a whores drawers' and I am really REALLY looking forward to my holiday in September.
If you read this and it doesn't make sense, I've never blogged on an IPhone before. If you read this and think I'm on a downer, I'm not I'm trying to clear my head. And if you read this at all.. Thank you!!

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