Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Poolside aaaaaah

So been busy day in Arizona. Woke up 5am as found i had put the heater on in my room and not the AC. Lets just say i was dehydrated and not very well. Breakfast was nice, well the first time round. Went to the local Mc Donalds for tea and the smell made me feel worse. Then went to Walgreens and spent good hour in there. My American friends do love their shopping as spent further two hours in Walmart. Bought oodles of chocolate, root beer and a.cool cup. Then came back to hotel and it was decided lunch was in order so, as now there were at least 5 more people turned up got in separate cars and went t Garcias Mexican.  Had a very nicechicken and avocado salad in a tacos shell.
When the director arrived the cocktails appeared. I had a pina colda minus the cream, very refreshing.
So back inthe hotel now, some people have gone to bed, others have gone snack shopping so i opted by sitting by the pool with my rootbeer.
Bliss. Shame the meetings start at 9am tomorrow
OMG my first road runner, want it to go meep meep

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