Sunday, 13 October 2013

I'm back after a stop year

Well, as it has been pointed out I haven't updated this since Sept 2012... Whoops well I've been kinda busy.  Can I use that excuse?

A lot of things have happened but to be honest I am not going to go into that all now.. You have better things to do with your lives than read 365 days of pure drivel, so clip notes version.

It is amazing in a year how things can change with friends, people you have spoken to for years drift off to do their own things and people I haven't spoken to in years come back into my life.  It is like an revolving door and sometimes it does leave my head in a bit of a spin.  I'm sad to see people go but I am not standing in anyones way, I am also extremely glad to see people come back.

I've also got a new job.  This is keeping me EXTREMELY busy (oh maybe I could use that as my excuse).  Gone are the days of finishing work and having a nice relaxing evening. Now its going home and preparing for the next conference call which ultimately is cancelled 3 minutes before it starts.  I hate that when it is 10pm at night as you really have wasted your entire evening.  The good thing about the job is I get to work with some great people I used to work with before and it makes the strangeness a bit more bareable.  I guess the price to pay for looking after the world instead of our own little corner of the planet is high.

Anyway, I am not going to get into everything now as I feel like a virgin on the Blogging boards ago and need to get my Mojo back.

Well I thought Mojo jojo would assist but apparently not.

Now I am off to finish the housework etc due to the influx of people arriving later.

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