Monday, 23 July 2012

An Iconic Situation

Yes I know, Its been months since my last update. I am slack but I have been rather, well lets say busy. Since my knee has returned to 95% functionality I have resumed my 'crewing' duties with Iconic Legion. The Legion is a Costuming group that raises money for Charity, specifically for Chesnut Tree house and Dogs Trust. Events are attended by characters for Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek. We have Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Zombies, Batman Characters and much more. The group is certainly growing in both numbers and strength. We attended London Film Comic Con (LFCC for short, and easier to type) and made I would say, a rather large impact. This was a combination of our fabulous costumers and Dale's impressive TARDIS we managed to cause many a bottleneck for picture opportunities. We also managed to stop traffic outside Olympia while people clambered to get pictures of Batman, Batgirl, Cybermen standing next to the 1960's Batmobile.
We have also attended Dogs Trust Charity events, Cherished Memories in Dartford as well as many others. The Olympic Torch in Arundel was a huge success raising a lot of money. This was an extremely wet and miserable day but, people dug deep in their pockets and gave us £908.50 to add to our total.. So happy with this. We even managed to slow down a couple of the buses/floats so people could take pictures of our group. We do like causing congenstion ;) This weekend it was the O2 in London and Crawley Cineworld. I had the Saturday off and missed our terrific Bane who, according to some people is Huge! I did however, get to meet the lovely Catwoman on Sunday who is certainly a crowd gatherer with people queuing for photos. It was funny, guys got their pictures taken with Batman as their wives/girlfriends approved. If anyone mentioned would they like a picture of them with Catwoman alone the disapproving looks from the GF/Wives said it all.
The whole weekend managed to raise a further £343.65 for Chesnut Tree house childrens charity. A target of £8,000 was set for 2012 and with only 5 months to go, we are just short of £7,000. Personally I think this a fantastic achievement and am proud to be part of Iconic. I have met so many fantastic and fabulous people that I am glad to call my friends. We are one big happy family as they say.

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If you feel you would like to join the group and have costumes you would like to debut then head to the website. Have a read and join the forum

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