Thursday, 16 September 2010

Food 'Glorious' Food : Not for the squeam·ish

"I know", I thought I will pop home for lunch and have a nice relaxed sandwich and cup of coffee in front of some Food network program.  So, with  2 cheese rolls in hand I settled down to some program about Caribbean food.. All was going well with Coconut Cake drizzled with Condensed milk, some kind of rice salad and then it came... the street vendors selling deep fried Pigs Ears, Hearts, Lung and trotters.  Just as I thought it wouldn't get any worse.. It did..deep fried pig's lower intestine.. or crispy poop holes as the presenter called them. Let's just say I only managed 1 of my rolls.  In hindsight it is no different to Scottish Haggis which I adore or indeed Black Pudding but the thought of having a deep fried pooper doesn't appeal to me.  Maybe I ain't as gay as I thought not liking asses.  !!!!Bring on the salad!!!!

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