Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Happy 120th Birthday Agatha

Well who would have thought. 120 years ago today Agatha Christie was born.  She gave us the nosey old neighbour Miss Marple; the Belgium detective Hercule Poirot who excerised his little grey cells and the little known Tommy and Tuppence the typical upper middle class "bright young things" of the 1920s.

As a lot of people now know, Agatha's disappearance on  December 8, 1926 was due to a loss of memory after battling a giant wasp whilst being aided by two people, one dressed in a rather striking brown suit, the other as a slapper, or was that flapper.  The thing I didn't know was she was friends with Felicity Kendall all these years ago.  It came as quite a shock I can tell you, you would never of guessed she was that old.

So in celebration I shall read one of Agatha's early books, possibly The Mysterious Affair at Styles which was her first.  Failing that I will read about Charles Dickens meeting Ghosts on Christmas Eve (like that would happen) or have tea with Noddy.  Actually saying that i am supposed to meet Big Ears for a coffee later this morning

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  1. This entry is highly surreal; and as such I adore it.


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