Friday, 22 April 2011


First Love:

It's hard to say.  Have I ever been in love? Or, just in love with the notion of being in love.  I guess that sounds a bit harsh. I've had 4 girlfriends, and 2 boyfriends.. Sorta outweighs one and other.  The girlfriends were from when I was 16 years old through 18.  The boys were 18 through current.  My last girlfriend was a rejection from Cruft's dog show.

First boyfriend, I met at university, I guess was my first love however, he had a nasty habit of beating me up, demoralizing and degrading me.  As a friend of mine recently pointed out "It’s all about respect. For the other person and yourself.", thanks Stevie. Stayed with him 2 years, oh how you grow up very quickly and learn to bite back eventually. 

Your Parents:

Both my parents I love dearly.  They moved from Scotland to Newcastle about 10 years ago and I think they regret it as they "miss 'everything Scottish'" as my mother put it.  George and Elizabeth, (or George and Mildred) as my ex used to call them are in their 60's and currently enjoying free bus travel on England's buses.  I have a tendency to likening them to UK TV characters.  Very occasionally, my mother falls into the Hyacinth Bucket category, my dad seems stuck in the Victor Meldrew category.  It is his birthday in 4 days time and he very nearly ended up with a Stalter and Wardolf from the Muppets card.

That's all I'm going to say about my parents... Need to know basis ;-)

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