Thursday, 5 May 2011


OK I think enough time has passed since the bank holiday weekend in the UK and me catching up with my good friends from Estonia, Bognor and Mildenhall.  As I have a lot to cover off to 'bring me back up to speed' a lot of these reponses will be on sentance answers!

14. Favourite Place to Eat
I really like eating out but don't do it very often.  It does sometimes feel rather uncomfortable table for one and a good book.  When I went to India, they gave me a Goldfish to keep me company.  He was named Fred!  Anyway, favourtie place to eat currently is possible a little Mongolian BBQ place called Ghengis Khans.  Its a 'make up your own dishes' and they will cook it infront of you.  I like eating as much as you like of what you like for a reasonable price.  The chocoloate fondue with Honeycomb (Cinder toffee) and Turkish delight is rather nice as well!

15. Something you miss
As sad as this sounds and it is not an awww plea, I rather miss my friends, conversation and company.  Many a time I am found on chat sites talking away to people.  It's not that I want to get into their pants, more the fact I like company.

16. Nicknames
I have recently aquired the nickname Bubo. (That annoying owl from Clash of the Titans)  Hopefully the name is not relating to the annoying part ,but more to the point that I can seek out a good looking guy at a distance while swiveling my head in a 270 degree angle. I suppose I also make a sort of ooooowwww noise as I do it.

17. Favourite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?
I don't really have a favourite picture ALL TIME of myself.  a) because I'm not photogenic and b) I hate having my picture taken

18. Something you've learned
Something I have recently learned, at a cost,is do not rely too heavily on other people, or become too attached.  They will only let you down in the end.

19. Put your iPod on shuffle, first 10 songs
  1. Bohemian Rapsody - Queen
  2. Winner takes it All - Abba
  3. Whispering your name - Alison Moyet
  4. Abigail's Song - Katherine Jenkins (Doctor Who)
  5. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga
  6. The Batman Theme - Danny Elfman
  7. Black and Gold - Sam Sparro
  8. Defying Gravity - Wicked
  9. This is Gallifrey - Murray Gold
  10. Womanizer - Britney Spears

20. Your Dream Wedding
Erm I am going to pass on this.  I am not the marrying type.  I was a lifetime ago but am one of these people that think commitment should be for life not just for the day.

21. Something that stresses you out
Money is alway a big stress in my life.  I'm aaaargh as I think about it so, moving on.

22. 3 Wishes
  • To win an unlimted supply of money so elliminate number 21
  • To have the power of all 4 of the Charmed Sisters, or that of Samatha Stephens (the witch not the porn star)
  • To have a working TARDIS to go back in time and correct past events in my life.
(As you can see all selfish for me.  No world peace for me.  I've seen Utopia!)

23. 5 good things that happened since you started the challenge
  1. Caught up with good friends
  2. Celebrated someones 40's birthday.  Not my own :-)
  3. Had 11 consecutive days off work
  4. Had 7 consecutive days of warmth and sunshine.
  5. Have managed to lose 3kg

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