Thursday, 19 May 2011

I really need to learn to read things properly sometimes!!

So it is 23.30 here and I am in work.  I agreed to do a Graveyard shift from 9pm through to 7am the following day to allow me to attend an international manager's call at midnight.  Due to upgrading to a new email service I failed to notice that the call was in fact midnight yesterday and not today.  So here am I, in the office, in the dark with copious amounts of caffiene and Accru radio for company thinking about my stupidity.  Still, get to speak to my colleagues in Australia if they ever come on line.  Makes them sound more like a super computer coming 'on line' which believe me.. They so are not!

I really want to be at home playing with my wireless blu ray player.. Oh wait, I have no Blu Ray discs as yet, still I can stream my PC through it to my HD TV so that is a bonus.  That is, if I survive tonight.  I am not sure what exactly is occuring in the floor above me at the moment as there is a lot of scraping and banging as if something is trying to break through.  Oh wait! I am on the top floor, there is nothing above me.

So I have technically 4 days off after today which is good as it gives me time to 'deep clean' the flat as my parents arrive on Monday for a week.  But first I must get tonight out the way. I have the new episode of cobwebs to listen to and really wish I had brought in a Doctor Who DVD to watch.  Still I can probably watch them on You Tube as it seems to have accidentally been unlocked at work. I may even watch episode 2 off Babelcolours Ten Doctors.

But here is Episode 1 incase you haven't seen it

Will update this later, if I survive Saturday's Rapture!


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