Wednesday, 4 January 2012

It's about time

Hello soldier! How goes the war?

I thought since I haven't updated this since..... oh about July it was about time I did.  Funny thing, nothing spectacular has actually happened to me in all this time.  I've been to Estonia which was amazing, I've had a birthday, a Christmas and survived another New Year.  Apart from that, nothing. Still single, still moaning and still need to do more exercise.  I am finding that the Xbox Kinect is actually great fun to keep one fit and some of the games are hysterically funny.  Problem is it works both ways.  Now, with enhanced voice features you don't even need to get off the sofa to get the remote.  Everything can be voice activated.  Now to get me a nice houseboy to wheel me around I need never move again.

New Year, new phone.  I am quite excited about receiving my new Windows 7 phone tomorrow.  A nice Nokia Lumia 800.  Whilst I do love the iPhone, I fancied a change and I do like Nokia.

I am sure after 24 months I will want the all new all singing and dancing iPhone but for now I am happy.

So what does 2012 mean for me.  Well a couple of things.  I don't make New Year resolutions anymore (with the exception of 1, that the participant of will know about).  What is the point in setting yourself up for a fall.  How many people actually manage to keep to their resolutions throughout the year?  I am not going to set myself up for disappointment and upset this year so will do things as and when I feel it is right.  This is not me being a defeatest, more of a realist.

So things to look forward to and to try and do:
  • Visit my very good friend in Estonia at least twice this year
  • Go on holiday for a trip round Wales with fantastic friends
  • Meet up with a load of people met through Facebook.  Cracking fellows all of them
  • Partake in more Spook hunts. (very nearly typed Spock hunts then)
  • Drink less coffee (this will be a killer)
  • Use the Xbox Kinect as more of a fitness tool and not a voice activated remote.
  • Blog/Vlog more

There are probably many other things to say and do but baby steps.

So for the moment I am going to sign off and dream of hairy chested men and romance.

Adios  y'all

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