Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Doctor Who Misadventure, mistype, misheard

I was reading through a couple of Doctor Who websites, as you do at 20 past midnight when you can't sleep and came across a fascinating entry.  I quote from and entry about Meglos "As such, it is worshiped by the Deons (led by Jacqueline Pierce who formerly played companion Barbara Wright)'"  Really I thought blimey Servalan in the TARDIS would have been interesting.  Yes I know Jacqueline Pierce was in The Two Doctor's but still, imagine her as a companion!

This made me think of other misquotations or misheard parts of Doctor Who.  Here are some of my favourites:

  • When Rose turns to Lady Isobel  in Tooth and Claw and said "You to you lazy shit".  She actually says "You to your Ladyship" but now I can't help hearing the previous.
  • Quite a lot of Billy Hartnell (god bless him)  With the classic "You'll end up as burnt cinders floating around in Spain"  Replace Spain for Space.
  • Dear friend of mine misheard Genesis of the Daleks 'norms' being called 'gnomes'
  • Tom Baker's Back off combined with Stay Back to come up with 'Spack off!'  which I much prefer
  • Peter Davidson, Peter Davison - Delete as Appropriate
Anyway, with these thoughts now swirling through the empty void which is otherwise known as my brain I am off to bed.  

Adios mi Amigos

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