Tuesday, 11 January 2011

How to Spend a penny on Zolfa-Thura

I just love getting bills through the post.  What better way to part with my well earned cash.  Who needs Doctor Who DVD's, figures or even food when I have bills to pay for.  The best bill I have received to date has come from EDF energy supply.  Are you ready for the whopping amount to be paid??  The amount that needs to be paid is a staggering 1p.  Now do I pay it at once or break it into several mini payments (shame the half penny is no longer valid.)

On a happier note, yesterday heralded the release on DVD of the Cactus that tried to take over the universe.  I know that a lot of people don't like Meglos as a story but it has Lalla W in it as well as the delightful Jacqueline Hill (one the the very first Doctor Who companions for those without the know).  Jacqueline has abandoned her robust, Universe saving cardigans that she wore when she played Barbera and moved onto a, well what I think looks like a character turban in shocking purple.  The poor Doctor and Romana start of in a chronic hysteresis, which does sound like something a medical Doctor should treat and I know for a fact many a fan boy has recreated whilst wagging poor K9's tail as they go.  Poor Dog.

So with a prickly Tom Baker, Brotadac (which I believe was an anagram of "Bad Actor' an in joke of the Production team at the time) and a very unfair kicked K9 by Bill Fraser (See Poor dog above, it's not his day), grab hold of your Dodecahedron and head for Tigella!


  1. Ask EDF to write it off and when they say no, send a cheque for 1p. I dare ya!

  2. Seriously? It must have cost them more than that to send you the bill!


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