Monday, 17 January 2011

There's an App for that!

I've just been looking at my IPhone and realised that with all it's potential as a camera, an ipod and even as a phone, the majority of my usage is down to the common App!! 

I have them all neatly in folders on my first screen.  They are broken down into Social sites which is your common 'man hunting' app and yes, it needs it own folder as I have 6 apps dedicated to that task.  Next folder, shopping.  Tesco, Argos, Amazon, Ebay and so forth.  In case I get stuck for something to cook even with my 75 cookbooks, I have a couple of cookbook apps which are actually handy as you type in main ingredients and it will tell you a load of scrummy meals.  The cookbook apps lie within Lifestyle which ironically also contains the Ifitness app and the MyFitnessPal app.  Both of which I do actually use a lot.

Lets see, so far my folders have been gay, gay and oh yes gay.  5 more folders; Music, Games, Entertainment, Services and Productivity.  Services and Productivity can be the butch ones (well not including the Encyclopedia on Greek Gods and Goddesseseses)!!

I find it extremely handy to log into an app to transfer money through paypal, look at my bank account or even control my itunes on my PC by remote if I am sitting more than 1 foot away from my computer.  Laziness doth rule!  But I know there are some extremely weird apps out there so I thought I would hunt them down.   Here are my top 5:

  • IVoodo where you are provided a little onscreen doll for you to name and then stick pins in till your heart(s) content.
  • Werewolf locator.  You'd be surprised how many are actually around us.
  • IDied. This app is chock full of surprising, gruesome and unbelievable true stories of unusual deaths around the world. There are eight categories, Technology, Fire, Body, Eating, Freak Accidents, Animals, Unclassifiable, and Just plain stupid. While some categories only have a couple of stories, others have more than thirty interesting death stories to choose from! Honestly, this will keep you occupied for hours.
  • Ghost Hunting Apps. There is a talk EVP tool that measures energy and translates this into spoken words. There is also an emf or electrical magnetic field detector which can detect slight fluctuations in the surrounding magnetic fields that spirits are said to have an effect on. It also has a motion detecting Geoscope which, when placed on a solid surface, will detect movement.   OK this one I may actually get due to past blogs!!!
  • Oracle Board ‘Ouija’.  Hmmm how would this work!  As a start how would everyone get their fingers on the plancette
So with portable tricoder, sonic screwdriver (yes there's an app for that) and my Ifart maker, I journey into the unknown.

Happy Apping!!

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