Friday, 14 January 2011

Will you marry me Marilyn?

Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to a young Mr Lambert for my lovely new title banner.  Feel free to check out his Art work which is linked at the bottom right of this page.

So what is today's ramble all about. Well, today I share an anniversary with Marilyn Monroe.  It is a complete opposite anniversary.

On this day, 14th January 1954, Marilyn Monroe said 'I do' to New York Yankee baseball star Joe DiMaggio.   Their marriage unfortunately only lasted 254 days however, after Marilyn's death in 1962 DiMaggio claimed her body and arranged her funeral. For 20 years, he had a half-dozen red roses delivered to her crypt three times a week. 

On this day, 14th January 2001, I split from my longtime partner.  It is very doubtfull if after my death I will have half-dozen red roses delivered to my resting place.

It's weird when you start looking at periods of time.  Being single for a Decade seems to be a lot longer than being single for 10 years in my eyes.  Ten years on and I have to admit my tastes seem to have changed.  I now look towards that burly muscular kinda physique when before it was, I hate to admit it, anything goes kinda look on life.  That could be the problem.  Brighton is not really the place for said man.  If you are looking for 'Screaming Queens' then you have them in abundance.  If you much prefer a lets say 'Man's Man' then they are very much like The Doctor Who Missing Adventure Novel 'The Well Mannered War', very scarce and hard to come by.  Then again there are multiple app's to find 'your perfect man.  Yes there is an app for that!

Anyway signing off now to cruise the networks for my future husband.

Allons y

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