Monday, 31 January 2011

Time for a Regeneration to a younger self!

If it can happen to Tom Baker and David Tennant it's about time it happened to me :-)

I've just been to Tesco's to buy bits and pieces and handed over alcohol to the checkout girl, well I think it was a girl but you can't tell now adays.  She smiled sweetly and put it through, no checking age, questioning or anything.  Well I admit it was a bottle of sherry (It's for cooking honest), that combined with my Camomile and honey tea or my Cherry and Cinnamon tea may have given the impression of 'old person'.  Gone are the days of being ID'd for alcohol, or given flyers to 'hip and trendy clubs'.  I'm not that old I can still go clubbing if I want to.

I may have a Wii fit age of 26, and am told on numerous occasions that I have a 'really sexy accent' (which I can't actually hear myself) and nice eyes youth is escaping me.  So the best way to combat things is probably to copy Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory and have a portable me on a stand doing everything in the outside world while I stay inside the comfort of my own flat.  It will be a shot of my eyes and Wii fit screen in the background.

And yes... I know.."These are dimensions of the imagination.. it is an area which we call... The Twilight Zone. " And you my friend, have just entered it!

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