Wednesday, 12 January 2011

I'm Charmed, Bewitched and did I mention dead!

I think last night, during my 3 hours of sleep, I had one of the weirdest dreams that I can remember.  For some reason I was a nose twitching, telekinetic ghost with the power to speed up or slow down molecules.  I presume the ghost part came from watching 3 hours of Ghost stories with a certain Mr Who.  As for the cross between Samantha Stephens and the entire female cast of Charmed stems from some deep rooted fantasy that I am obviously trying to escape from reality.  The good thing about the dream was that I got to team up with a certain Bruce Wayne and Kal-El Again, probably remnants of something I had watched earlier. 

Anyway dreams aside, some of the ghost stories displayed and some of the evidence that was caught on film was pretty weird whilst other things such as orbs, or dust particles as they are commonly known filled the screen were a little bit.. dear god why!  It was good to see the Good Ole Queen Mary which is now a floating hotel appear in an episode.  My evening upon that ship was definitely one of the spookiest evenings I have ever had. 

The whole ghost sightings programs reawakened my dwindling passion for the 'paranormal'.  Sometimes I wish I hadn't given away the mountain of Case studies, field reports and books on the Parapsychology. I really, really want to get back into it.  To have an objective view as to what may, or may not have been seen or heard. It was 'fun times' seeing unexplained lights, men with seemingly broken necks, disembodied voices or my favourite quote of all time (whilst staying in a hotel room with ghostly shadows and self turning on kettles)  "I'm going to sleep" to which my friends reply was "No you're bloody not!"

After my previous blog, 2011 may be the year of the ghost hunting. 

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