Friday, 21 January 2011

It's Retro Time..

It is weird being in the office early on a Friday.  It gives you time to talk about things that you enjoyed as a kid be it, sweets, music or TV.  Here is my top list of bygone things. So 'Sword of Omen's give me Sight beyond sight.'

Sweets  (come on we'll start with the good stuff.. )
  • Pacers..  80's sweets that were sort of like a spearmint stripey Starburst.
  • Caramac... originally from the 70's and you can still get this now....Melt in the mouth Caramel bar
  • Flying Saucers.... Who knew that rice paper filled with Sherbet could be that moreish.. Well it was to me
  • Marathon Bars.... Renamed to Snickers today but I am sure they used to be bigger and nuttier.
  • Pink Panther bars.... Strawberry flavoured chocolate but very sickly.
  • Space Dust..... the original popping candy
  • Spangles.... fruit or Mint varieties
  • Toffos.....Strawberry, Chocolate or Banananananana flavoured chews

Television (Children's TV mainly.  Not including Doctor Who as that is still running :-)  )
  • Playschool.... 'What's the day?... Ready to play?'  Poor Hamble the doll was always bullied by Little Ted.
  • PlayAway...Sort of a longer version of Playschool
  • Super Ted... 1982, I needed to watch it with my 1 year old brother honest.. well that and it had Jon Pertwee voicing Spotty.. Does anyone know the magic word?  Hold on there was Super Ted, Little and Big Ted from  Playschool,  the Care Bears, Hair Bear bunch, Yogi bear.. Did I have a bear obsession from an early age??
  • Paddington Bear... Oh look another bear..Mmm marmalade sandwiches.  I'm sure my little brother kept calling this Padditon
  • The Magic Roundabout...Gotta love the spaced out Dylan rabbit and Dougal with his 'sugar cubes'
  • The Clangers... I'm sure the Iron Chicken was based on Margaret Thatcher!
  • Ivor the Engine...Who can remember the name of the Dragon?
  • Mr Benn... He never actually bought anything did he...
  • Multitude of cartoons such as The Pink Panther, Hair bear bunch, Heman (Swoon), Thundercats (swoon again), Captain Caveman (No swoon), Hong Kong Phooey and DangerMouse.  So many to choose from however I still have a soft spot for Dungeons and Dragons.  After a conversation with my brother I re found Paul Daniels and Wizbit.. Strange yellow triangular thing (Wizbit not my brother) with Wooley the rabbit. 'Ha ha this away'.  My bro seems to remember the Little green man and Zoom Zoom (another strange cartoon about a green alien and from a yellow ball of floating schtuff)
  • Banana Splits... Used to love the Arabian Nights Cartoon...I once said 'Siiiize of an Elephant' and look it stuck till today.
  • Ludwig... A classical music playing egg... No it's true honest.
  • Saturday Morning TV... Such delights as Number 73 with Sandy Toksvig, Glenn Michael's Cartoon Cavalcade (which I think was on  Scottish TV only with a talking oil lamp called Paladin and a 2 dogs called Rudi and Rusty) and of course Swap Shop.

See, now I am wanting to watch Super Ted... How old am I?  You may also notice Small Wonder or Metal Mickey didn't get a mention.  Damn they have now!!!

Go Go Gadget legs!!

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